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Artist Statement

All around us, architecture, grids, and patterns establish a sense of rigid security and anchor in our place in the world.  The systems we create reveal a basic human need to find order in chaos, to contemplate our existence, and make sense of the material phenomena around us.  Reflecting on my practice as an artist, I have become aware of my compulsion to assimilate and edit contemporary culture.  Using the technique of collage -regardless of the medium chosen – allows me to quickly assimilate random events and images.  Using a variety of media – paint, photography, newsprint, spray paint, ink, drawing – in one work creates a dialogue of chaos.


These compositions seek to understand the inter-relatedness of things by making connections across social, political and economic arenas.  I am particularly drawn to question the impact of collective thought on the created reality of the individual.  I realize that on a deeper level, I am taking stock of how my own image and sense of self has been constructed from visual patterns, social cues, and cultural programming.  Through this process of careful observation and awareness, art has become my vehicle for self-actualization.


My recent mural work, however, is just about play.  It’s about exploring color and form for immediate visual impact.  I am open to using a variety of media, exploring scale, and making work in both private and public spaces.  Recently, working large scale and in the public eye has given me the ability to interact with others while making the work – a new and welcomed dynamic.  I am currently exploring the use of text in my work, choosing a word like “love” or “freedom” that instantly brings current political and social issues into play.  The aim of my public art is simply to use positive messaging, vibrant color, and form to invoke a sense of greater purpose and unity in local communities.  These messages touch on basic human virtues that are common ground to all.  Through research, design, and careful planning the mural works become pieces that are so large in scale, they engulf the viewer in color and form.